La Vie C.V.


This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


I was supposed to be packing for nyc tomorrow but alls I was doing was playin w/ my new @rachel_comey jeans.

Sweet be-jeez that's a little cutie quilted.

Shy CVs @stevenalan Atlanta. @hernewtribe

While on phone, tryin out a new C. #nevergrowup

The pretty light on our house after the rainfall.

Mon petit Chou. Je t'aime. Bises. We've got the cutest tiny Valentine's Day cards. Avail for your loves at Silverlake and Santa Monica stores tomorrow. (Nolita soon!)

Betty's leo sac bretelle available now. Say Oui.

Can't get enough of these Kenya bags at the studio waiting to ship!

Shooting our valentines splash page for J'adore!! Xo

Simple Tote engaging in some Ruscha reading while waiting for her appointment in our lobby.

Je t'adore @cherrybombemag getting ready for Valentines Day over here. She is pretty adorable @kristenlkish

My type of white out: discussing whites in the conference room.

@megbiram features me on her blog today check out how I get shit done or try to at least :/ #GSDgetshitdone

Fresh n clean clean moment at Silverlake shop

Some people have book club. We have magazine club. Same. What? #prada

How. Me n my big sis staying cozy.

Re-gram @minniemortimer 's navy Tropezienne leather card case. 😘

Lovely @jeanasohn stopped by the studio for a meeting w/her nude Sandrine and her cute cute outfit. Now I want to go home and change.

Happy to be here

Paco got a hair cut today. He's still getting used to it.