La Vie C.V.


This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


Boys are obsessed with our @lacma t-shirts. True. #wearlacma

Atlanta girls come represent - I'm gonna be with the guys- celebrating 20 yrs of @stevenalan with @shinola & @acontinuouslean (#cute.boys.)

Pretty calf hair sac bretelle in navy at the shop

@bagather super chic with her CV tan w/black spots Margot clutch.

Good morning double dots.

Felt like fall at the beautiful opening of the @hollyflorala shop tonight w/ taco truck by @animalvinny cohorts and wine by @helentjohannesen all perfection.

@vuarnetsunglasses mixing it up with @selfservicemagazine & CV silver spots at the shop today

Fence clutch inspo

Thank you @jleighwms for making me stop an appreciate the bird of paradise in my front yard. :)

Ready w/ sketch pad for Saturday am art class on college campus.

Stack of Moyen Messengers at the studio today.

Westsiders! Coming soon to 1318 Montana, Santa Monica. :)

Special evening dining on stage at @acehotel downtown LA thanks to @fashtechforum

She's laughing at my big phone. True. Her classic Vuarnets available at CV shops.

Mat in the new/old Vaurnet - Originally from 1960 reissued and available at our stores! Want.

There's a lotta good in this pic from @rackedla: @cleomurnane drinking @thejuice_la her CV overnighter and those white pants and belt!!

Re-gram from @jleighwms she's just chilling in the NYC. Her CV Sandrine is happy to be with her.

Souvenir Sunday: when @emmajmorrison wore CV simple tote for @voguemagazine

Souvenir Saturday: my favorite detective agency in Paris (taken last week.)

Here's what's really in my bag (black Sandrine from SS15) after back-to-back Paris/NYC trips. Note: 3 eye masks and 2 pairs of earplugs - the cures for jet lag. I stand behind all of it as very important travel necessities.