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This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
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How many CV bags, clips, cases, packs, does it take to get me to Korea? (9 or thereabouts)

Tea kettle 2.0 Packaging 2.0

@minjikim_ : current muse.

@minjikim_ 's old and new CV! Looking real good. Can't wait for photoshoot tomorrow! 😘

Very chic woman walking down street in Seoul w/ her CV clutch!

The saying goes, the habit doesn't make the monk, but this monk's habit was really gorgeous. Buddha's birthday celebrations in Seoul.

Breakfast in Seoul. (Seconds)

Pretty set on reading materials for the flight. ps. I love a pink newspaper!

My lovely companions and I are about to embark upon a loong day of travel. LAX>ICN

Seoul - pretty, old map we found - the O must've come later. Off to there today.

Cuties @sincerelyjules and her girl @raissagerona in CV Oui tees at the Louvre. (Re-gram)

Seoul sistas. Haha. We're off to Korea tomorrow! @jeanasohn

We had a guy friend in the studio the other day and he showed us his awesomely worn-in CV x Mike D x @monsterchildren card case.

Trying on cute samples of our new sandals made with same veg tanned leather we make our Trops out of. Available in our shops soooooon.

A few years ago, my friend @jeanasohn 's @closetvisit blog was published as a book in Korea. On Saturday, Jeana and I will be traveling to Seoul together for meetings w/ stores, food, photographing my Fall collection, food, and food. Cannot wait. #tbt

This guy gone lost his head. But it is minus 7 in dere. Thank you for the fun evening @aetherapparel I'm geared up! (Just need the moto.)

Love your mama. Totes available on our site now! All proceeds go to @everymomcounts (re-gram @christianelemieux )

Jag still at it.

Pretty night in Bev Hills w/ @afarmedia thank you for having me.

Our canvas jaguar clutches are making us crazy over here.