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This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
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Another reason to come to LA! June 4 & 5 CV sample sale.

Blanca Inès

It's getting real political in California right about now but for sure @jimmykimmel should run for VP ( @mmcnearney ) #jkvp

Lovely Julie of @sincerelyjules couldn't be dreamier (avec CV petit Kenya en France.)

Inès and friends

The end of the dinner party. #lastnight #obsessedwithmickslipcolor

How wonderful to walk to neighbor's place for dinner.

CutestPeople on Planet, starring @zoe.kazan & @jennyslate - it's my all-time favorite story. (w/ cameos by CV)

Minnie (aka lil Messenger)

Beautiful @sincerelyjules apparently in paradise w/ CV petit Kenya tote in tow. ⚓️ #iwishiwerethatbag

I know I've already said this but Matilde (pictured here) was my second employee and I never get tired of her or our story together. She came from Belgium to intern with us 5 yrs ago when I wasn't sure I needed a second employee. A lot of life has happened over the last 5 years but when we're lucky she still models for us, like for our current season - presenting our Luce bag. 😘 #ogcvgirl #matildejetadore

So happy to spend this evening in honor of @ps_arts with good friends @weelicious & @nfscott and a bunch of others looking out for arts education in LA public schools. Keep up the valuable work! #psarts

Just in time for hot weather @onekingslane made our clutches into towels available on their site as well as ours! 🚣🏽☀️💦

Hola Friday.

Au revoir cute Cobble Hill shop, until next time.


This drawstring pouch (in lavender or poppy, but prob have to get it in blue too) has been hanging on my wrist since it came out. #madeinlosangeles

Had a lovely turnout at our @joannagoddard event this evening in Cobble Hill including two of my favorite store owners: @shopbird & @catbirdnyc

Welcome to the neighborhood @warbyparker ! Couldn't be in better company on Bergen Street @theinvisibledog @aesopskincare @61local @shopclarev

Nolita shop moment.