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This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


Red minisac was going to wait for you but said she was in a hurry, sorry.

Black mini sac just told me her boyfriend is in the band

Minisac in quilted olive she has that, how do you say, bah, je ne sais quoi. Oui.

When possible, wrap your presents in polka dots and festive cashmere ribbons...or as close to that as you can come. Xoxo

Beautiful @damselindior cozy and chic w/ her CV simple tote

In love actually, it's true. Holiday dream dins @helentjohannesen w/ @jeanasohn @greta_cvshop & @heatherbethtay

CV shops stocked with stripey things for under the tree. You almost don't even need to wrap them...but prob better if you do.

I'm reposting this bc I love this Louise bag and just want to look at it again.

Little bit of beauty from @adamthepotter 's gorgeous open studio yesterday.


Yay! Just landed! Won't need this cozy hat (or these boots) for a bit!!

This is the pic I sent to @heatherbethtay asking if I should get these Dries brogues. She said yes. We pretty much always say yes. #edonmanor #driesvannoten

Only way to end this trip to NYC- dinner at Upstate w/@westerlind_us

Ran into @airteddy at the @filson1897 booth at @pop_up_flea today and he showed me his well-loved CV card case.

It's a beautiful day to come @bergdorfs. We're here til 5 (on 5)

Hotel morning, getting ready for a day @pop_up_flea and @bergdorfs

Tea time or @ttstyle time at Greenwich Hotel. (Sandrine making herself at home)

And this at our Silverlake shop!!

Come get handsome w/the boys at Pop Up Flea 125 w. 18th, NY, NY. We'll be there!

Couple of CV events this weekend in LA and NYC. Like this @bergdorfs come see us tomorrow 2-5