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Petit Kenya

T-shirt #theboss our 4th dinner guest @heatherbethtay kitchen nook (w/ @louiseabonnet )


Another shot of our boo, lil bb Kenya.

This lil bb Kenya bag is officially our boo.

Oh Gosee clutch! She went to be seen and got the gig.

#greenday er, I mean, #earthday

White perf fanny pack has such a crush on good denim.

Hard day at the office, Simple Tote? Jeez, I got it, you're on vacay, stop rubbing it in. (Re-gram @liliansosocool )

Awww! And Clare V. loves @zady !! (And the drawing! & @glossier and @narsissist ) Ok, we love everything about this.

Sisters. Blonds. Tell me everything.

Love what she's wearing - no, I mean the top one, the one w/ the CV + @jeanstories Toujours Denim T. 😍 @laurabrown99 @rosiehw hey girls, lets hang out tonight!

One of our heroes @aidybryant is having a cozy moment of tea and cookies (lucky CV jag clutch joins)

Lovely image of our messenger bag captured by @smokks thank you! 😘

I love this picture of the girls from CV Santa Monica w/ Simple Tote & Double Clutch. 😍

@musexcarly looking adorable in overalls and her CV clutch.

Starting Monday w/ a smile. My lovely friend @weelicious w/ last year's Kenya bag and belly full of bebe.

Love this snapped double clutch for spring. She's canvas and called Hopscotch.

Rose caught my eye at CV West Hollywood this afternoon.