La Vie C.V.


This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


Game changer, beautiful @venzedits w/ our Claude. Thank you for hosting us @rewardstyle 😘

Austin! I'm coming for ya! We'll be @shopkickpleat tomorrow, Saturday from 11-5. Free monogramming, refreshments and good ol' CV southern times! See Ya'll there.

Beautiful Emma Watson w/ our Masculin/feminin clutch. Thank you @sarahslutsky 😘 and thank you @poolrepresents 😍(clutch will be available soon.)

This is where I keep my Sandrines.

Happy birthday to our friends @zady! They are 2 today. To celebrate you can get 20% off orders at by entering code: zadyfamily

Paco loves the tv.

Helena. #womensequalityday #suffragette

Cute @jxxsy 's quick visit to CVHQ was prolonged by a lack of that pesky petrol our vehicles need to roll. New Yorkers. Anyhoo, her new gray Claude could not be bothered. #outofgas

The end.

Me yesterday at CV Santa Monica when I discovered that my shoes matched my patch pocket Claude and our new petit Lou.

Dat spotted Margot pretending to be a fly on the wall.

Stopped by and visited Claude at CV Santa Monica this afternoon. She's doing fine.

What's in your Hopscotch wallet clutch?

Some fav instas

@midoriliu 's original Tropezienne tote looking real good after years of service. 😘 (photo cred: @bretlama)

Stopped by Alfred's our new Silverlake neighbors to grab some morning coffees and got some CV coffee cozies! #alfredcoffee

Inspired by Corita Kent's show at Pasadena Museum of California Art. Ready for the new week. #powerup #somedayisnow #sistercorita

Ruby & Oscar hanging out and getting pampered. @oliveandjune Pasadena.

Per-to-the-fect. Thank you @alliwebb for posting the uber-ultimate concert look w/ CV fanny pack. Ya'll know @taylorswift is in the da house, LA?? 😘😘