La Vie C.V.


This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


Anne's well-loved Sandrine tote in basketweave sitting pretty at her newest construction site.

Our NY muse @amandabrohman lost in the city w/ CV Gosee clutch

West Hollywood!

CV moor print clutch. Party time.

CV + @jeanstories tote in natural @conedenim w/ veg tanned leather and braided webbing from MA. #madeinusa

Candy colored bi-folds

Chic @maraakil in her cozy writer's pad w/ her CV overnighter as work bag. #girlcrush


For when you need both hands: CV + @jeanstories fanny pack.

Oscar getting up today.

Pretty light at CV Silverlake today.

CV Margot tote and clutch in beautiful morning light chez @heatherbethtay

I do love our peekaboo window into our neighbors @sleepyjones at CV Santa Monica

Breakfast chez Merci in Paris (clutch available there too) Re-gram @ithaablog #wishiwerethere

Me and my adorable muse. #matrulestheworld

Our @jeanstories collab bumbag looking pretty majestic.

Paco enjoying the morning light. #familyjamsesh #notreally

Thanks ya'll. Had some pretty beautiful guests at the CV + @sleepyjones opening party tonight including these lovelies. @nnelsonc @weelicious @maya_brenner