La Vie C.V.


This is where i like to share my daily inspiration from people to products, design, food, places & spaces.
I hope there's something here that inspires you too


Sandrine: she makes going back to work a little (a lot) easier to handle. #cvfall14

oh yittle soph.

I'm gonna miss this sweet face. Two months of summer-interning-niece over.

More closet cleaning. Shades of blue. @jeanstories relate.

Cleaning out closet I discover that I have a lot of dresses for the lake house I don't have.

My husband with his dad in France circa 70s. I want that shorts/sweater/sandals outfit to be my daily uniform.

Sunday: a sit on the floor and do nothing kinda day. #cvdoubledots

Really loved the play we saw tonight: The Motherfucker with the Hat. Re-insta @axdizzy

Happy birthday brother. @chaduby

Re-gram from lovely @nataliacuevas the heat can't keep us from hiking #lequipecv #bumbagsforlife

Mulberry dreamz courtesy of @hollyflorala & @heatherbethtay

I love Matty with the foldover double dot clutch. Xox @pamelademortadella

Meta lifeguard. #tbt coupla weeks ago at the beach in France.

White hot Thursday: Madeleine tote with monogram tag for MR.

Works in progress.

Virtuoso @tanyaaguiniga came by the studio looking sharp in Tevas and her OS black&white snake clutch.

Oui T-shirt back in stock!! #lechic

Tuesday morning. A+ for presentation.

@paperchasepress came through for us with some last minute printing for @cfda member app. It worked, thank you. :)

Our Kenya bag is back in stock-August vacay staple.